AI Recommendation

We’re at beginning of a golden age of AI. So know best practices for your garden based on the weather of your location.

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Customized tips

Just upload an image of your garden and we will give you the best practices and plants for your garden

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Tips and tricks

Wondering how to start a garden? Find your confidence with these expert gardening tips.

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Use our AI recommendation to get the best plants to grow this season!

In this project, we have used an API which takes your current location and returns the weather, humidity and wind speed to our server. Then we use your local weather data to display the best plants/crops you can sow in your garden.

Use our custom garden feature to get all the information about your favourite plants.

Just drag and drop your favourite plant or flower image to our website, and we will gather all information about that plant for you!

Suggesstions for your garden.

Pick the right spot. Work on the soil. ... Grab basic gardening tools. Pick your plants. Plan It Out. Garden Beds. Plant With Care.. And many more suggestions which can make your garden and your gardening skills better